Via Antinoi – The Way of Antinous

The following are liturgical calendars for the Ekklesia Antinoou.

Festival Calendar

This is a calendar of the Greater and Lesser Festivals, Syncretisms of Antinous, and other observances.

  • The Greater Festivals are those that are of primary importance, and that the majority of the Ekklesia observes.  There are approximately 5 of these.
  • Lesser Festivals are those that many in the Ekklesia might observe that are directly related to the lives and mythology of Hadrian and Antinous, but not deemed as prominent as the Greater Festivals.
  • The Syncretisms of Antinous are days to observe specific syncretism of Antinous to various other gods.
  • Other Observances are festivals or events from the Roman, Greek, or Egyptian world (and sometimes others) that are not directly related to Antinous and Hadrian or their mythology, but which members of the Ekklesia might be interested in observing in their own practice.

This calendar can also be viewed here.


Calendar of the Saints

This is a calendar of the Sancti.  The Ekklesia has many sancti and Ekklesia members may honor or observe these sancti (or not!) in any way they choose.  On some days one might just read about the specific sanctus or sancta and just remember their role in history.  On other days one might choose to light a candle or give an offering to the sanctus or sancta.  These are our Queer Ancestors and we honor their memory in many different ways!

This calendar can also be viewed here.


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  1. lordblackcat

    Terrific resource!

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